Smoke Alarms Program

Beacon Hose and the Beacon Falls Fire Marshal’s Office are committed to fire prevention and safety in our community. One way we work toward accomplishing this mission is with our smoke detector program.

The program is open to all residents of Beacon Falls. Upon request, one of the fire marshals will schedule an appointment to visit your home to either inspect your existing smoke and/or carbon monoxide alarms or help provide and install new alarms (or fresh batteries).

Why are smoke and carbon monoxide detectors important? The bottom line is that they save lives. In case of a fire or carbon monoxide emergency, these alarms will give you the time to get out of your home and call 911 before it’s too late.

Almost three out of five home fire deaths from 2012-16 were caused by fires in properties with no smoke alarms or smoke alarms that failed to operate! The risk of dying in reported home structure fires is 54% lower in homes with working smoke alarms than in homes with no alarms or none that worked.

See the bottom of this page or click here for more information on where detectors should be placed and how to make sure they’re in good working condition.

If you are interested in this program, fill out the following contact form and a representative of the Beacon Falls Fire Marshal’s Office will be in touch.

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