Beacon Hose possesses a wide variety of apparatus, allowing us to respond to emergencies of all kinds. Below is a sampling of our main apparatuses. We soon hope to add individual pages for each apparatus, including more information and multimedia tours.

Engine 3
1999 American LaFrance/Gowans-Knight
First-due engine, second-due rescue apparatus
1,500 gpm pump; 1,000 gallons of water; 6-man cab; 2,840 feet of hose; full complement of Hurst tools, saws, ground ladders, hooks, and other tools
Rescue 4
2004 Spartan/Rescue One
First-due rescue apparatus
Full complement of Hurst tools, saws, tools, rope-rescue equipment, swiftwater-rescue equipment
Engine 5
2008 Chevrolet 3500
Third-due brush truck
505 feet of hose; full complement of brush tools
Truck 6
2017 Pierce Ascendant
First-due truck, second-due engine
107-foot aerial ladder; 1,500 gpm pump; 500 gallons of water; 1,965 feet of hose; full complement of ground ladders, hooks, and tools
Brush 1
1955 Dodge
Specialty brush unit
Winch, pump, forestry tools and hose
2020 Ford F-450/AEV
Front-line ambulance
2013 Dodge/Life-Line
Back-line ambulance
2007 Chevrolet Blazer
EMS fly car
more information coming soon
1929 Seagrave Suburbanite
Multiple-time CSFA Convention Parade champion
Hazmat Trailer
Full complement of supplies for Hazmat situations
Wildland Trailer
Full complement of forestry tools and hose; carries all-terrain brush vehicle