Award Winners

Golden Shamrock Award
In memory of Past Chief Harold Lennon, presented for outstanding fire service to Beacon Hose Co. No. 1.

2020: Ted Smith
Bob Messner
 Tim Hanks
Jim Trzaski
Ted Smith
 Andy Leeper
 Ray Buzgo
2013: Ted Smith
2012: John Mis, Cal Brennan, and Howie Leeper
2011: John Weid
2010: Kevin Swan
2009: Gretchen Carlson
2008: Howie Leeper
2007: Mike Pratt
2006: Paul Yablonski
2005: Dave Rybinski
2004: Ted Smith and Paul DeGeorge
2003: Brian DeGeorge
2002: Mike Pratt
2001: Paul Brennan
2000: James Bowen
1999: Peter Prowe
1998: Brian Cloney
1996: Robert Porell
1995: Jeffrey Tupy
1994: James Canning
1993: Doug Bousquet
1992: Sean Lennon

Star of Life Award
In memory of Past Chief Robert A. Cole, presented for outstanding emergency medical service to Beacon Hose Co. No. 1.

2020: Rob Swercewski
Sherrie Lubinski
Peter Monti
Nate Cartwright
Pattie Crossley
Jim Trzaski
Jeremy Rodorigo
2013: John Mis
2012: Martha Berge
2011: John Weid
2010: Cal Brennan
2009: Jodi DiZazzo
2008: Mitch Mulinski and Sean Cloney
2007: Kathy Kelly
2006: Janet Norton
2005: Paul DeGeorge
2004: Kristy Kean
2003: Mitch Mulinski
2002: Peggy Fitcher
2001: Brian DeGeorge
2000: Jeremy Rodorigo
1999: Laura Minnick

Bologna Sandwich Award
In a nod to a Beacon Hose parade tradition, presented for outstanding service to Beacon Hose Co. No. 1 and the Upper Valley.

2020: Ted Smith
Bob Messner
 Nick Lubinski and Mike Chatfield
Gretchen Carlson and Ken Mitchell
Arthur Norton and Mike Lombardi
Matt Rau
John Mis
2013: Mike McGee
2012: Greg Magrane
2011: Tom O’Connell
2010: Dave Rybinski
2009: Charlie Sampson
2006: Joe McDonald
2005: Kristy Kean and Gary Parker
2003: Jim Trzaski and Judd Blaze
2002: Al Rochelle
2001: Scott Pelletier

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