Past Chiefs

1899-1907: George Butz, Sr.
1907-1908: Bart Howell
1908-1950: William “Pop” Lee, Sr.
1950-1951: Harold Benz
1951-1956: George Rau
1956-1961: Arthur Smith
1961-1966: Daniel Lee, Jr.
1966-1971: Roger Brennan
1971-1976: Lee Lennon
1976-1981: Frank “Rinky” DelVecchio, Sr.
1981-1986: Harold Lennon
1986: Joseph Daddona
1986-1989: Thomas Pratt
1989-1991: Robert Cole
1992-1997: William Lee III
1997-2000: Ted Smith
2000-2002: Douglas Bousquet
2002-2005: David Rybinski
2005-2009: Brian DeGeorge
2009-2010: Brian Cloney
2010-2014: Michael Pratt
2014-2017: James Trzaski

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