Safety Tips for Summer Outdoors Celebrations

We love America. You love America. It’s worth celebrating on Independence Day, Labor Day and throughout the whole summer!

Beacon Hose wants you, your family and your friends to celebrate the summer responsibly and safely. Please read the safety tips below, courtesy of the National Fire Prevention Association, about how to grill safely during your summer celebrations.


We understand that many residents will use sparklers throughout the summer. The NFPA is opposed to consumer use of fireworks and sparklers, and we stand by that idea. But we know it will happen, so please exercise the utmost safety around sparklers.

Only adults — sober and capable adults — should light sparklers and should explain all the dangers of their use to children. Please set up sparklers far away from any flammable objects — including your home — and have plenty of water on hand to extinguish smoldering sparklers.


Finally, here a few simple reminders to be safe around your swimming pool this summer. Remind children that they should not run on the pool deck and not to engage in rough horseplay in the water. Plus, if you have a pool drain, keep a close eye on it while someone is in the pool.


2 thoughts on “Safety Tips for Summer Outdoors Celebrations”

  1. Fire can be really dangerous. You have to make sure that you are using fireworks safely because you do not want to start a fire. I agree that you should keep an eye on the children because they are unpredictable when it comes to fireworks.

  2. I think I’m more worried about the grills than the fireworks when holidays roll around. A lot of my neighbors have their grills pressed up against their house wall, and I don’t know how they don’t know that’s dangerous. I keep my grill away from anything flammable, and I have fire extinguishing equipment at the ready just in case.

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