2019 Carnival Wrap: Raffle Winners and More

On behalf of all of us at Beacon Hose, thank you for the incredible support at our 2019 carnival. Every year, we are humbled by the support of our community, neighbors, and friends who wait in long lines and spend their hard-earned money to support our community causes and our membership. Rest assured that all the proceeds from this year’s event, as always, will be used to give back to our community and provide for our staff of volunteers.

Here are the big winners for our raffle. Look for the return of the raffle next year. Thanks for your support!

1st ($10,000): John Esposito (1259)
2nd ($2,000): George Marenna Jr. (1650)
3rd ($1,000): Gretchen Giordano (1494)
4th ($1,000): Peter Monti (0030)
5th ($1,000): Chris Mekdici (0131)
6th ($100): Kathy Konner (2222)
7th ($100): Flora Fratta (1181)
8th ($100): Steve Brunelle (1948)
9th ($100): Eric Montanile (1357)
10th ($100): Dorothy Gleason (1636)
11th ($100): John Esposito (1258)
12th ($100): Mike Bernard (1500)
13th ($100): George Scott (2101)
14th ($100): William Braun (1239)
15th ($100): Jason Seaman (1023)
16th ($100): David Dallabrida (2247)
17th ($100): John Pellicano (1961)
18th ($100): Matthew Keogh (0955)
19th ($100): Sam Muttick (2440)
20th ($100): Casey Harrigan (1495)
21st ($100): Anna Dutkanicz (1977)
22nd ($100): Kristy Labrecque (0418)
23rd ($100): Rob Macchi (1712)
24th ($100): Alan Green (0430)
25th ($100): Danielle Hein (0808)

If you have any suggestions for what we can do better at next year’s carnival, please don’t hesitate to let us know here. Thanks again for your support!

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