Beacon Hose Hosts Free Hands-Only CPR Training Feb. 4

Update: Thanks to whose to attended!

Earlier this month, tens of millions of Americans watched Monday Night Football when Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin suddenly collapsed on the field due to cardiac arrest. Thanks to immediate intervention with CPR and an AED, Hamlin was resuscitated and has begun to rejoin his team.

That incident renewed the public consciousness of the importance of knowing CPR — even at a basic level that any bystander can perform until trained first responders arrive on scene. Beacon Hose, along with Waterbury Hospital and the Woodland High football team, encourage everyone to join us for just 15 minutes on Saturday, Feb. 4, to learn hands-only CPR.

Hands-only CPR provides the most important function of CPR — continuing circulation of blood to major organs until the heart can regain its normal function. The few minutes in which bystanders provide hands-only CPR prior to first responders’ arrival with more advanced equipment can make a difference in the victim’s survival.

This training does not provide CPR certification but will be a quick and helpful way to instill the basics of CPR for anyone. There is no age restriction and the training is free. There is no need to register; simply come to Beacon Hose at any time between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. on Feb. 4.

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