Beacon Hose Welcomes Home Army Sgt. 1st Class Glen Francoeur

Beacon Falls had the privilege of welcoming home Army Sgt. 1st Class Glen Francoeur on Jan. 27 from a 10-month tour of duty at Guantanamo Bay.

Beacon Hose is honored to have been asked to escort Sgt. Francoeur through town when he arrived through town. Engine 3 and Rescue 4, along with Beacon Falls Police, met Sgt. Francoeur’s vehicle at the end of the off-ramp and flanked his family through the center of town. Beacon Hose members, dignitaries and residents alike lined the street in front of the firehouse to show their gratitude for his service.

Read a story about the event by the Republican-American’s Paul Singley by clicking here.

Welcome home, Sgt. Francoeur, and we extend our deepest gratitude for your service!

Here’s what it looked like.


(Photos by Taylor Docimo.)

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