53rd Annual Firemen’s Carnival Goes Down as BHC’s Best Ever

The community support for the 53rd annual Beacon Hose Firemen’s Carnival was absolutely unparalleled and made us at Beacon Hose grateful and humble. Carnival chairman Kyle Brennan has a few words to share about the event:

On behalf of all of us at Beacon Hose, I want to extend my sincere thanks to everyone who joined us for our carnival this year. By every measure possible, we enjoyed our best event ever (by a long shot). That’s all thanks to the tremendous community we serve and the unrivaled dedication of our volunteers.

I, along with my awesome committee, put us out on a limb this year by turning the carnival on its head and making some big changes. With the combination of our volunteers’ hard work and our visitors’ patience, everything worked better than we could have imagined. I hope you found the lines more bearable, the atmosphere less cramped and the experience more enjoyable this year. The changes we made are here to stay, and we’ll only try to make it better next June.

I’ve lived in this town my entire life, and I’m a fourth-generation member of Beacon Hose. After last weekend, I’m as proud as I’ve ever been to be a Beacon Falls native. This town always answers the call for support when we make it, and I’m extraordinarily proud to be one of the many who get to serve it in one way or another.

Thanks again for making our summer kickoff one of the best ever.

We’ll have photos and videos from the event coming up on our Facebook page soon.

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