Beacon Hose, Beacon Falls Police Partner with LINKED Autism Safety Project

Beacon Hose and the Beacon Falls Police Department have proudly partnered with LINKED – Autism Safety Project to help keep members of our community safe!

LINKED is a community partnership with local municipalities that was created to provide a linkage between first responders and members of the autism community to better support one another.

This program is designed to help first responders make pre-arrival plans and be better prepared for situations in which a person with autism needs help or could be present when someone else needs help.

To fill out the voluntary registration form, please click here or visit the Beacon Falls Police Department in person. This information will provide first responders with important individualized information about the person with autism and allow the responder to create a pre-arrival plan.

All completed forms will be kept secure and confidential, and information will only be used for the response of the Beacon Hose and the Beacon Falls Police Department.

Each family that registers will receive a family emergency planning folder with individualized instructions and tips to navigate the LINKED program.

Beacon Hose’s ambulances and fly car, as well as Beacon Falls Police officers, will be equipped with sensory packs containing different types of sensory items, including noise-canceling headphones, as well as an emergency picture exchange communication system for non-verbal individuals. Additionally, each sensory pack will include a social story, which contains text and illustrations that support the safe and meaningful exchange between professionals and individuals with autism.

This program is free to all Beacon Falls residents. If you have any questions about the program, please reach out to us or the Beacon Falls Police Department. To learn more about LINKED, click here.

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