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“Beacon Falls Forever Strong” Apparel to Benefit Beacon Hose

UPDATE: The store is now closed. Thank you for your support!

Our longtime supporters at Blanchette Sporting Goods are stepping up to help out with Beacon Falls’ community pride and Beacon Hose with a limited-time apparel sale.

These shirts and hoodies are black with “Beacon Falls Forever Strong” printed in white and gold. Orders will be shipped to your home by the end of May.

We’re appreciative that Blanchette will donate 10% of the proceeds back to Beacon Hose — thanks to Bob Bulinski and the rest of the crew for reaching out to us with the idea!

To visit the store, click the link below and enter the sale code “BEACONFALLS” in the box. The store will close at 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, May 19 — the order will not be extended again.

Beacon Hose Takes Precautions During COVID-19 Pandemic

You’re all aware of the changes that are happening in our community and in our world due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We want to keep you updated on what’s happening at Beacon Hose during this time, as well.

Beacon Hose has continuously updated its protocols for emergency responses and other company activities. Here are some highlights:

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BHC Remembers Past Asst. Chief Kevin Swan on 10-Year Anniversary

kevin-swan-headshotWe remember Past Asst. Chief Kevin Swan, whom we lost in a line-of-duty death in 2010, 10 years ago today.

Kevin died March 10, 2010, after suffering a heart attack while responding to a call. He was the captain of the Beacon Hose Fire Police at the time. He was a member of our department for nearly 50 years, during which time he served as assistant chief and an active member of our area’s two major chiefs’ associations.

Beacon Hose bestowed full honors upon Kevin’s passing, including a funeral procession down Main Street led by our 1929 Seagrave.

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A Look Back at Beacon Hose’s Last Decade

We’ve reached the end of our 12th full decade at Beacon Hose — these last 10 years have been one hell of a ride! We chose 15 photos that tell some of the most important and memorable times of the 2010s at Beacon Hose.

There have been big-time fires. We’ve responded to natural disasters — in more ways than one. Our members have enjoyed statewide recognition. We’ve said goodbye to some of our dearest men. We’ve enjoyed good times, added new apparatuses, and have continued our role as the centerpiece of our community.

Scroll through the 15 pictures to see some of our most significant times of the decade. Thanks to all of you for your support throughout the last 10 years (and beyond) — here’s to a wonderful new decade!

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BHC Plans Christmas Mega-Day Dec. 7 with Santa Visits, Parade, and Movie

UPDATE: Thanks for your support!

Beacon Hose’s favorite season is chock full of events in 2019, including a few changes to some of our traditional events along with our annual Christmas tree sale! If you’re looking to join our new Christmas parade or schedule a time for a special visit with Santa at the firehouse, read on!


The Beacon Falls tradition of parading around the Hill section of town for Christmas lightings isn’t going anywhere — we’re just spicing it up this year! Instead of an unorganized stroll around the neighborhood ending with a fire, we’re hosting a Christmas parade that will end with a movie and refreshments at Beacon Hose!

The festivities will begin at 6 p.m. at Beacon Falls Town Hall and continue to St. Michael’s Church and the Beacon Falls Congregational Church. Coming along to each stop will be a Christmas parade of decorated firetrucks, trailers, and other vehicles (more on that below, including how to join and where to watch). It’ll all end at Beacon Hose, where Santa will visit, we’ll have refreshments, and we’ll show “Elf” on a jumbo projector screen starting a little after 7 p.m.!

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