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BHC’s Fire Prevention Week Includes Operation EDITH on Oct. 12

Beacon Hose wants to remind all of our residents that Fire Prevention Week is this Oct. 8-14! This year’s theme is “Cooking Safety Starts with You! Pay Attention to Fire Prevention” — we recommend looking at this great tip sheet about cooking safety!

Not only will Beacon Hose visit Laurel Ledge Elementary School and United Day during Fire Prevention Week, but we invite everyone to join Operation EDITH on Thursday, Oct. 12!

Operation EDITH stands for “Exit Drills in the Home” and is intended to help families practice their home fire escape plans. All you need to do to participate is wait until Beacon Hose’s fire whistle sounds at 6 p.m., practice your home fire escape plan as a family, and wait outside at your meeting place. Beacon Hose’s firetrucks will be driving through many neighborhoods to see how many families have a secure plan and practiced it with us.

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Beacon Hose Octoberfest Returns Oct. 14

UPDATE: Thanks for your support!

It’s not Oktoberfest — it’s Beacon Hose Octoberfest, and after a four-year absence, we’re happy to announce that the event is back this fall!

Join us at Beacon Hose on Saturday, Oct. 14, from 11 a.m. until 7 p.m. for our third Octoberfest. Celebrate some of the year’s best weather with a day filled with good food, drinks, and family fun at our firehouse.

We’ll feature a bunch of the best food vendors in the state, including Not Just Blowin’ Smoke (barbecue), Los Mariachis (Mexican), Szabo’s Seafood (seafood), Pau Pau Pizza Cones (pizza-inspired cones), Meriano’s Cannoli Truck (cannoli), Lucky Dog Food Truck (hot dogs), Valley Nutrition (shakes), and Molly’s Bakery (pretzels, breads, and desserts).

Here’s what else we’ll have:

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Carnival 2023 Wrap-Up and Raffle Winners

Just like that, another carnival in the books! Thanks to everyone who supported us at our biggest fundraiser, whether you visited over the past few days, came out for the parade (three dozen departments!), made a donation, bought raffle tickets, or simply wished us well. It was another great turnout at Beacon Falls’ biggest party.

We will soon have more carnival T-shirts for sale since they were such a hit that they sold out! Stay tuned to our social media for more information.

Here are the raffle winners! If you’re a winner, you can send us a message and we’ll give pickup information. Our office will also be making calls to the winners. Congratulations to the 25 winners!

1) $10,000: 0368, Susan Ventresca
2) $2,000: 1040, Michele D’Amico
3) $1,000: 2096, John Hicks
4) $1,000: 1835, Dana Robertson
5) $1,000: 1125, Ted Goodman
6) $100: 0720, Tina Mulinski
7) $100: 0781, Geraldine Rosato
8) $100: 0955, Chris Falcioni
9) $100: 1800, Monique Martinez
10) $100: 0725, Sabita Surujlall
11) $100: 2166, James Schede
12) $100: 1250, Mary Dean
13) $100: 0722, Deb Ramos
14) $100: 0617, Dave Rochford
15) $100: 2291, Sean Bruder
16) $100: 1581, Penny Musbek
17) $100: 1553, Jony Fernandez
18) $100: 1285, Jay Kuczenski
19) $100: 0181, Jason Avery
20) $100: 0551, Kate Mrozek
21) $100: 0479, Ed Babbins
22) $100: 1709, Stephanie Thibault
23) $100: 1276, John Smedes
24) $100: 1178, Liz Falzone
25) $100: 2409, Wayne Schlemmer

2023 Carnival Set for June 29-July 1; Buy $10,000 Raffle Tickets Here

UPDATE: Thanks for your support!

Beacon Falls’ biggest party is coming back to the summer — the 59th annual Beacon Hose Firemen’s Carnival is set for June 29-July 1, 2023!

We’re extraordinarily excited for this year’s event, which will be the first summertime carnival we’ve had since 2019. We hope you can join us!

You know what’s also back in 2023? Our enormous raffle with $17,000 IN CASH PRIZES, including a $10,000 GRAND PRIZE. Scroll down for more information, including how to buy your ticket.

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Beacon Hose Hosts Free Hands-Only CPR Training Feb. 4

Update: Thanks to whose to attended!

Earlier this month, tens of millions of Americans watched Monday Night Football when Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin suddenly collapsed on the field due to cardiac arrest. Thanks to immediate intervention with CPR and an AED, Hamlin was resuscitated and has begun to rejoin his team.

That incident renewed the public consciousness of the importance of knowing CPR — even at a basic level that any bystander can perform until trained first responders arrive on scene. Beacon Hose, along with Waterbury Hospital and the Woodland High football team, encourage everyone to join us for just 15 minutes on Saturday, Feb. 4, to learn hands-only CPR.

Hands-only CPR provides the most important function of CPR — continuing circulation of blood to major organs until the heart can regain its normal function. The few minutes in which bystanders provide hands-only CPR prior to first responders’ arrival with more advanced equipment can make a difference in the victim’s survival.

This training does not provide CPR certification but will be a quick and helpful way to instill the basics of CPR for anyone. There is no age restriction and the training is free. There is no need to register; simply come to Beacon Hose at any time between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. on Feb. 4.

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